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24 February 2008 @ 12:21 pm
Title: Masterpiece
Author: elaborationlove
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Edward
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, death
Summary: Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.
Author's Notes: AU. Angst. Lots of angst.
Beta Credit: None.
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, I own them. You can worship me later. Just kidding. I'm not Ms. Meyer. Get off my back. I also don't own the song this is inspired by.
Word Count: 1,801

Edward threw the girl against the back cushion of the couch. The wooden armrest pressed into her right shoulder blade and she growled, pushing at Edward. He didn’t notice her struggle, being as strong as he was, and continued easing his mouth down her neck. Her sweet spot warmed at his touch and he could feel her pulse speed.

Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.

He remembered the line from Romeo and Juliet, and sneered at it slightly. Sin indeed.

Edward swept the girl’s hair away from the back of her neck. He hadn’t much time now. Carlisle would be returning with hours. It occurred to him that he hadn’t knowledge of the girl’s name. Briefly, he considered asking, but he decided against it. She had probably mentioned it earlier and he couldn’t upset her now, now that he had her in his captivity. Some women, he had learned, took offense when he didn’t know their name. He would be better off pretending he did. She wouldn’t know the difference. Besides, maybe her thoughts would reveal it.

“Mind if I call you…” Her sentence was interrupted with a small noise from the back of her throat. Edward smirked. “Call you Jacob?”

Edward snarled. “No.”

Had it been any other name, he would have succumbed to her request. He had in the past. It mattered not to him whether he was playing the part of himself or someone else. He could be Wesley, Vincent, whatever it took. As long as he could taste her by the end of the night. He would have to drain her, too. It was a nice and convenient excuse for draining each girl: he couldn’t possibly release that many newborns so rapidly. It would be totally unethical.

Not to mention Carlisle would kill him for it. Probably before the Volturi even learned of his deed.

The rest had already left because of his rage. Edward himself was like a newborn again. The rest of the Cullen clan could no longer stand it. Rosalie had been the first to leave. Emmett left shortly after, not surprisingly. Jasper held on for as long as he could, glad to no longer be the weakest of their clan. Esme left after Jasper, telling Carlisle she would come around, but thought it best that Edward have some space. Alice. Ah, Alice. She had stayed, nearly, to the very end, when Edward took someone home at least five times a week. Before she left, she had tried to convince him there were other ways of dealing with this. Her death was not the end of the world.

Edward only snarled at her. She was his world. And he could have saved her. She could have been living as long as him. She had offered, begged, numerous times. And now….

Turning his attention back to the girl beneath him, he wondered how well she could see. The house was dark—the Cullens very rarely used lights in the house, for they didn’t need them—but Edward remembered the girl hadn’t the advanced sight to see with. He considered turning on the lights for a moment, but changed his mind. His darkened eyes would probably scare her. Edward was too thirsty to try.

He ran his thumb over her pulse; it wasn’t fast enough yet. The faster it was, the sweeter the taste. He could hold out a little longer. It was always worth it. He hadn’t yet managed to hold out long enough that it tasted like...her.

Edward bit his lip against the strain not to taste the girl already. It was near torture to wait any longer. He was hungry. He was hungry now. Trying to ignore his thirst for only a bit longer, he concentrated on the girl’s thoughts.

Oh…oh. My God…he’s…

Naturally, her thoughts only excited Edward further. He grazed his teeth against the skin over her jugular vein. His saliva made the spot slightly shiny. The venom caused it to seep into the girl’s skin, and she relaxed further. The blond grabbed the back his neck and pulled his mouth back down to hers. Edward felt his foot press against the glass coffee table behind him. The sofa creaked slightly. He considered leading the girl upstairs, but rejected the thought. That was her spot. Not even Esme had been allowed in his room before she left. Not even Alice.

Edward let out a low rumble from his throat. The girl giggled at it, surprised at his enthusiasm.

I never would have expected this, he heard her think. Especially after all those tequilas.

It was true. He had had several drinks that night. Unfortunately, it had no effect on him, because of his lack of a circulatory system. Carlisle hadn’t told him this after changing him. He wondered why he hadn’t asked during the decades he’d been with Carlisle. He had never really had a reason to get trashed, before. He’d been trying since she’d gone. What was that? He thought for a moment, trying to remember. Six years? This had been going on for six years? Edward ran his hand through his hair and then kissed the girl viciously again.

He chuckled softly as he realized this was ridiculous. He was far past a hundred years old and he was doing childish things like this. His chuckle turned into a more bitter laugh and the girl looked at him confused. He ran the back of his finger down the girl’s cheek and she went back to enjoying his touch.

As he crept his hand up her shirt, Edward wondered where the girl was from. She had told him earlier, but he hadn’t been paying attention. What was the point? Most men would have to pay attention to get the girl home with him, but Edward knew this wasn’t necessary for him. As long as he stayed beautifully god-like, he was in the clear. He needn’t even speak a sentence and she was his for the night. For the rest of her life, this admittedly, was very short thereafter.

A sound caught his attention and Edward crouched over the girl protectively. No one was getting her blood except him. The Volturi couldn’t stop him. Carlisle couldn’t stop him. Carlisle wouldn’t try. Having tried before, he knew the consequences. The talk would follow after. Nothing came of the sound and Edward went back to the girl. Her pulse had quickened; Edward guessed he had worried her from his own worry. Again, he grazed his teeth against her skin. She giggled again.

Maybe this would be the one. The one who brought him back to being Edward. He considered it briefly and then cast the thought away. He was Edward. That had never changed. He never changed. She was the one who changed. Not him.

And if this wasn’t the one who brought him back to “Edward”—Carlisle claimed he was different—then there would be someone, somewhere. It was just a matter of finding her. Or him. Or it, for all Carlisle cared. Just as long as this stopped. It was a miracle the Volturi weren’t already knocking on their door. Edward had become more vicious recently, causing more deaths than Forks had seen since the “grizzly bears”.

Edward allowed his teeth to puncture her skin slightly. She didn’t protest. Good. Sometimes, they did, making Edward’s job all the more difficult. He licked the blood that surfaced and the girl responded. He bit down harder on the spot, causing a bigger flow of blood to come. Now, the girl started to panic.

“Hey, what’re you—ahhhh…oh my God. Stop. Stop. Please, stop.” Her begging didn’t faze him. She started to sob. “Oh no. No, please. What about my baby? Who will take care of Randy?”

“Shut up,” Edward hissed, backhanding her. She cried harder, howling in pain and in want of freedom.

“Please. Don’t. I have a son!” she pleaded.

“Shouldn’t have let your boyfriend get you pregnant,” Edward sneered.

“He died in service,” she pleaded. “Please, don’t kill me.”

“Don’t play the pity cared. It’s not attractive.”

“Get off! Please. I need to go!”

Listening carefully, Edward heard the small gurgle at the back of her throat. She was losing too much blood now, and Edward knew it would be ending within minutes. He drank greedily from the pool that gathered on her neck, spilling onto the cough below them. He kissed her, allowing her to taste her own blood.

Edward bit her again, taking some of her skin in his mouth. He swallowed and the girl shrieked in horror again.

“What are you?” It was clear she didn’t really care. Edward would have known this without having the ability to read her thoughts. It was only something to buy time, something to scream as she died. “Please, oh please,” she sobbed.

“Quiet,” Edward said, holding a finger to her lips and bending his head to taste her again. The drinking was always so much more enjoyable when the victim was silent.

“Will you let me go if I’m quiet?” she pleaded.

Edward smirked. “Sure.” His eyes glowed.

He would let her go, alright. The girl coughed, blood came spurting from her throat. Edward licked what he could off of her chin and neck. He took a final gulp from the bloody hole in her throat and she was dead. She laid lifelessly, one arm hanging off the edge of the couch. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling and Edward licked his lips, congratulating himself on a good pick. She had been delicious—well worth the wait.

Carlisle came in shortly after two. It didn’t surprise him to see another victim on the couch. He sighed, disappointed. He had thought the talk he had with Edward earlier that day had been enough to maybe curb his thirst. Clearly, it hadn’t been enough. They would have to relocate soon. Perhaps the Denali would be willing to help. Carlisle knew the Volturi would be more than happy to take Edward, but Carlisle also knew they may kill him for causing such an upset in Forks, Washington.

Carlisle bit his lip as he passed the couch. He leaned over the back of it to see Edward with the girl. Her hair was matted with blood, and the couch would need, at the very least, a good scrubbing—he would be sure to have Edward take care of that later.

He noticed, not briefly, that Edward held the girl in a familiar way, one which Carlisle had seen many times six years prior. Carlisle closed his eyes and took a deep breath before moving towards the stairs.

As he put his foot on the first step, he heard a small sigh and then, an even softer “Bella.”

Reviews are most greatly appreciated. Lyrics to the song this is based off of are here. The song "Masterpiece" is by Bayside. I don't own it. Thanks for reading.